Thank you to every wonderful musician who auditioned! You should feel very proud of yourselves for your dedication to your music. We deeply appreciate your sharing it with us.

Congratulations! Below are the results for the 2014-2015 orchestra season. Registration will open June 16, 2014 and registration packets will be available to download here and also through the ESYO office. Registration packets and payments will be due July 16, 2014. You may download your Eligibility Form and Exemption Application here, should you want to get this completed before school personnel leave for the summer. Remember, ALL ESYO orchestra musicians in grades 6-12 are required to participate in their school orchestra or band unless they complete and submit an exemption application and complete the process. Participation in the school orchestra or band is FULL YEAR commitment.

If you will not be accepting your placement, please call the ESYO office (541) 484-0473 so that your space may be filled.

Youth Symphony (in alphabetical order)


Adrienne Banks

Jack Benda

Grayson Druffel

Ardea Eichner

Alyssa Gao

Rose Heising

Yuzho Huang

Celina Maldonado

David Noeckel

Liv Nordquist

Erika Parisien

Isaac Prier

Skylar Roach

Grace Rosier

Victor Rudkowsky

Elin Schlichting

Emma Shortt

Euison Son

Shannon Stein

Melissa Wang

Andrew Watts

Lily Wilson

Joseph Yamaguchi

Emily Yeh

Charisa Young


Andrew Ahn

Liesl Benda

Elsa Meadows

Nicole Mowery

Rachel Rosier

Sebastian Stolarczyk


Conor Callahan

Alissa Gao

Sujin Kay

Mark Krobatsch

Renee Lee

Julia Ogsbury

Erica Pledger

Antonin Rudkowsky

Margaret Walters

Lily Wong

Titus Young


Henry Fisher


Dante Hoge

John Kim

ChangSeung Lee

Hannah Tam


Jarod Bays

Sean Davis

Tony Unger


Alex Nelson


Jordan Baird

Jana Kretsinger

Evan MacWilliams

Ian Torrence


Langdon Junge

Aaron Rogers


Matthew Gley

Paige Madden

Carter Scott

Junior Orchestra (in alphabetical order)


Martha Brasted-Maki

Tenaya Cooley

Mira Cross

Julia Daniels

Melissa Derrick

Aniele Duret-Mainville

Elena Freck

Nicole Hampton

Kenji Ignatius

Maya Kaperick

Sasha Marlan-Librett

Owen McCoy

Isabelle Morgan

Miranda Newman

Sophie Pierce

Haley Renfro

Kalli Schoening

Shariyanish Sharma

Lily Syphers

Emma Waggoner

Joanne Wang

Nicole Wellentin

Eric Yang


Dean Chou

Cosmo Hinsman

Katie Siegfried

Bryan Williams


Jane Boggs

Aviano Dimitri

Amelia Geoffrey

Colton Iredale

Chloe Johnson

Kiersten Knebel

Sarah Rosier

Madeleine Rowell

Kimbert Schlichting-Robinson

Autumn Thai

Walker Waggoner


Jerome Epperson

Devan Grogan


Sahalie Albone

Zack Burkeen

Martin Kaiser

Anna Willie


David Akers

Jordyn Holland

Eddie Kim

Dalton Lee

Viola Watts


Ely Cleland

Charlie Hyatt


Amanda Heiner

BJ Sauter


Holly Claypool

Abbigail Hepperle

Tim  Kaelin

Bailey Anne Williams


Eli Cuyler

Micah Fuller

Felix Golledge-Ostmeier

Colin Motley


Sebastian Brown

Trenton Fleenor


Jonathan Dou

Darrell Harrison

Little Symphony (in alphabetical order)


Ethan Avila

Sophia Chiara

Andrew Chvatal

Areneria Cramer

Finn Dalton

Mithrandir Eichner

Ivan Freck

Abigail Gao

Logan Griffin

Lily Heidtke

Taylor Hole

Heidi Knebel

Seiji Koenigsberg

Malaya Lockwood

Luke Lodwig

Margot McNeely

Emma Molaski

Sophia Morgan

Jacob Richardson

Riley Strode

Serena Strode

Isaac Walters

Chela Wetzel

Spencer White


Dimitri Brown

Tomaus Gardner

Julian Kent-Petit

Mary McCoy


Timmy Cho

Anthony Clemens

Gaby Garant

Alexis Kim

Joyce Kim

Wyatt King

Kaellan Lee

Desmond McCarthy

Jing McNeely

Caroline Robinson

Greenley Robinson

Emily Trox


Concerto Audition Results – 2014-2015 Season

Grace Rosier – Violin

Langdon Junge – Trombone

Congratulations Grace and Langdon and thank you to all of the incredibly talented musicians who auditioned.