String Academy 2

Congratulations to String Academy 2 for their wonderful performance! 
SA2 North and SA2 South came together to present a lovely program at their winter concert. They gave the first-year students in String Academy 1 an idea of what lies ahead for them. Teachers Dale and Lauralie gave them the skills and encouragement to be able to make such amazing progress. Their harmony, dynamics, and overall musicality really came through!

String Academy 2 provides orchestral instruction and performance opportunities to students who play the violin, viola, cello or string bass. It is the perfect “first orchestra” for students who have taken String Academy 1 classes, or for any student with at least one year of strings experience. There is no audition required. SA2 students gain experience from playing in a string ensemble and present several concerts, including a final formal concert.

String Academy 2 North and String Academy 2 South rehearse on different nights, and at different locations, to give your child more opportunities to continue making music. SA2 is geared toward those who have taken at least one year of strings. Help your child move to the next level – it’s exciting and fun! Joint concerts take place at Kelly Middle School and South Eugene High, and give them a chance to shine on stage!

String Academy 2 South: Mondays, 4:15-5:45pm with Lauralie Kallinen. Location TBA. First rehearsal Mon., Sept 23, 2019

String Academy 2 North: Tuesdays, 4:30-6:00pm with Dale Bradley, Kelly Middle School music room. First rehearsal Tues., Sept 24, 2019

TO REPORT AN ABSENCE: If your child is ill, or there is a family emergency, please call your registrar and leave a message. String Academy 2 REGISTRAR: Lisa Morgan 541-968-3435. Registrars are responsible for taking attendance, answering questions, and helping your child feel comfortable during rehearsal. If your child is not in rehearsal, she will call the primary contact first, then the secondary. She is also responsible for staying until your child is picked up. Please be sure to pick up your child on time!

Be sure to subscribe to the google calendar below and check regularly for rehearsal and concert updates.  

CONGRATULATIONS to SA2 North and SA2 South on their 2018 Final Combined Concert! More Photos HERE!