String Academy 1

Make friends, make memories, make MUSIC!
For 4th and 5th graders, and this year, we are accepting 3rd graders on a limited basis! Classes take place on site after school at Adams, Edgewood, Gilham, Howard, McCornack, River Road, Willagillespie, and Yujin Gakuen elementary schools. MANY CLASSES ARE NOW FULL AND CLOSED SO PLEASE CHECK BELOW!

* Highly-qualified teachers
* Unlimited need-based scholarships
* We provide the instrument!

Why does this matter?
• Children with music instruction score higher in spatial and arithmetic skills.
•  Students in orchestra have the lowest levels of use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs among any group in our society.
• Music-making brings the family closer together!

Give your child the gift of learning a stringed instrument. It’s a gift that can last a lifetime! 

Has your child already had a year of strings? Then you’re ready for String Academy 2!

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Edgewood Community Elementary   Sorry, class is canceled
Classes: T/Th, 3:05-4:00, beginning Oct 3rd

Sorry, Adams Class is FULL!
Adams Elementary  
Instructor: Dale Bradley 
Classes M/W/F, 7:40-8:25am, beginning week of Sept 30

NORTH REGION STRING ACADEMY 1 (Gilham ONLY, Willagillespie and YG are CLOSED)
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Gilham Elementary  Instructor: Lauralie Kallinen
Classes: M/W, 2:30-3:25, beginning week of Sept 30

Sorry, Willagillespie Class is FULL!
Willagillespie Elementary  
Instructor: Emily Pfeifer
Classes: Tu/Th, 7:20-8:15am, beginning week of Oct 1

Sorry, YG Class is FULL!
Yujin Gakuen Elementary  
Instructor: Lauralie Kallinen
Classes:  M/W/F 7:30-8:15am, beginning week of Sept 30

BEST After School Enrichment SA1 Classes (River Rd/ElCamino ONLY; McCornack and Howard are CLOSED)
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EN ESPAÑOL: 2019-2020 Folleto del Programa de Cuerdas BEST
Haga clic aqui para el folleto

BEST Strings | River Road/El Camino del Rio  Instructor: Dale Bradley   Class times:
Classes: M/W, 3:05-4:00, beginning week of Oct 14

Sorry, Howard Class is FULL!
BEST Strings | Howard Elementary  
Instructor: Emily Pfeifer
Classes: Tu/Th, 2:30-3:25, beginning week of Oct 14

Sorry, McCornack Class FULL!
BEST Strings | McCornack Elementary  
Instructor: Dale Bradley
Classes: Tu/Th, 3:05-4:00, beginning week of Oct 14

* When there is no school, there are no strings classes*
Call 541-484-0473 with questions!

See photos from last year’s String Academy concerts HERE!