Here are some frequently asked questions that might help!

We just heard about ESYO and/or just moved to the area and our child is interested in signing up to be a part of ESYO. What is the process to enroll?

If your child is interested in learning how to play the violin, viola, cello, or bass:
ESYO offers String Academy 1 classes for students ranging from 3rd to 5th grade during the school season. We also offer String Academy 2 classes for students who have had at least one year of previous instruction playing a stringed instrument. To learn more about these programs please visit the String Academy 1 or String Academy 2 pages on our website. 

If your child is interested in joining one of our orchestras:
ESYO has three youth orchestras requiring auditions: Little Symphony, Junior Orchestra, and Youth Symphony. Auditions are held annually each spring, and the orchestra season begins in late September. To learn more about each program please visit the individual orchestra pages under the Programs tab on our website. If you have moved to the area after auditions or after the start of the school year, please email office@ESYOrchestras.org to inquire about an audition, and include your child’s age/grade, instrument, and skill level.  

What if my child does not have their own instrument. Can they still participate?
Yes, ESYO offers instrument rentals for students in our programs at all levels, for just $90 for the school year. You can request an instrument when you register, and apply for a rental scholarship if needed. We encourage our students to continue to rent their instruments over the summer to keep up with their private lessons and music education.

How does my student acquire a rental instrument from ESYO and will it be distributed by the first class/rehearsal?
You will be notified as to how to acquire your instrument, depending on your class or orchestra. Rental instruments for String Academy classes will be distributed by the instructor after the first week of classes.

My student’s ESYO rental instrument is out of tune, has a broken string, or is in need of repair. How can I get the instrument fixed?
String Academy 1 & 2 instructors are able to help identify instrument issues easily and can arrange to tune them. Please check with your SA instructor first, to see if they recommend repairs. If the instrument needs repairs or a new string, please contact our instrument coordinator Lauralie Kallinen via email; lauraliekallinen@gmail.com to schedule a time for repair. Instruments can ONLY be taken to the office to be repaired by making an appointment. Once your instrument has been fixed you will be notified via email that you can come pick up your instrument.

Where do I find the registration forms to sign up my child/student for the current season of ESYO programs?
Registration begins in late July or early August for Youth Symphony, Junior Orchestra, and Little Symphony. Musicians placed by auditions will receive a link to sign up once the forms are available. Registration for String Academy programs typically begins August through October. Links to those forms can be found under the corresponding program pages when registration opens.

How much does the program cost?
Program fees vary based on level ranging from $300 – $445 per season. String Academy 1 classes also include a $10 book fee. We also partner with the BEST 4J school program to offer financial assistance. You can apply for help with program fees and instrument rentals. Decisions are based on federal guidelines for the free or reduced meal program.

How do I request scholarships/financial aid for my students program fees or instrument rental?
Applications for financial aid/scholarships are part of the registration form.

My student is interested in taking private lessons, does ESYO offer lessons, or scholarships to help pay for lessons outside of ESYO classes and rehearsals?
ESYO does not offer lessons directly. We do offer scholarships for students enrolled in our programs to take private lessons. You can apply for a private lesson scholarship during registration as part of the financial aid package. Detailed instructions will follow award of scholarship. More information is here: https://esyorchestras.org/programs/forms/ 

How do I find a local private instructor to sign my child up for private lessons?
We have a comprehensive list of instructors on our website here: https://esyorchestras.org/musician-resources/private-teachers/ 

Don’t see your question answered? Please contact us! 541.484.0473 or email office@esyorchestras.org