Audition Process

2021-22 Season Auditions
We are looking forward to our 88th Season!! We hope to be back in person by September, yet we are still celebrating the amazing dedication and progress of our youth musicians this year. Be sure to tune in to their Virtual Spring Concerts coming up on May 25th, 26th, and 27th. Auditions for next season will be held over Zoom in mid-late June, with specific dates and times coming soon. Thank you for keeping the music going!

Audition Steps:

  • Step 1 – Sign up for an audition online. Sign up form coming soon!
  • Step 2 – Practice required audition materials – click here for a list. Prepare something that best shows your skills.
  • Step 3 – Look for an email with your time slot and the ZOOM invitation link.
  • Step 4 – Please join the ZOOM call 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled time, to make sure the auditions transition from one to the next smoothly.
  • Step 5 – Wait for your registrar to invite you into the call to start your audition.
  • Step 6 – Introduce yourself, and the scales and solo you will be playing.  
  • Step 7 – Look for results of auditions, which will be posted once all auditions are in.
  • Step 8 – Registration materials will be available on the corresponding orchestra page on our website and are due by July 31. 
  • PLEASE CLICK HERE for audition requirements.
  • Thank you!

AUDITION SCHEDULES (based on grade in Fall 2021) – coming soon
• Elem/MS Violin
• Elem/MS Viola, Cello, Bass

• MS Winds, Brass, Perc.
• HS Violins

• HS Viola, Cello, Bass
• HS Winds, Brass, Perc.

Remember: Auditions are not meant to stress students out! Prepare your solo and scales carefully, and you will be fine. Everyone is nervous, but our goal is to place each student in the ensemble that will give them the best musical experience.

  • Feel free to dress up a little for your audition. Although it is not required, it can help some students feel ready for a performance
  • Play music you are comfortable with and best displays your skills.
  • Practice your audition in front of family and friends. This can really help with nerves.
  • Introduce yourself and your selections before you play.

ESYO Participation Policies:
ESYO works closely in collaboration with local schools to support a well-rounded musical experience.  We appreciate and value the daily instruction and rehearsal offered in musical ensembles, which provides a wealth of benefits for student musicians.  We strongly encourage all ESYO musicians to be enrolled in their school music program if one is available.
Attendance: Your presence at rehearsal is very important! Regular attendance is essential for maintaining the continuity and quality of your orchestra.