Great Performance by String Academy 2!

For their final combined concert of the season, SA2 South and SA2 North showed their increasing skill on the South Eugene High auditorium stage. Lauralie and Dale led the ensemble in three great pieces, and topped off the performance with Star Wars and light saber bows! Then they joined Little Symphony on stage for the grand finale, FIVE ALIVE!

String Academy 2 North and South present their final Spring concert

The two SA2 ensembles join “forces” for Star Wars with light-saber bows!

SA2 joined Little Symphony on stage for a 60-piece orchestra!





















The first concert of the season was at Kelly Middle School. It was the first time the both SA2 South and SA2 North played together. It was a lovely concert with a huge appreciative audience! While the first-year students from SA1 displayed their newly-learned musical skills, SA2 musicians waited and listened patiently. When it was their turn, they showed how much farther you can come in just one more year! We hope it inspires the younger students to continue their music education with ESYO next year.